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Most technical communicators don't even know what a technical communicator is. It is a term that has been used with much confusion over the last few years, and my aim with this blog is to point out uncommon technical communication, things that just don't fit the traditional mold.

31 May 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Blurring the Lines – PShop Tutorial Rap

How is this for new-school technical communication? It’s a Photoshop Tutorial from College Humor. Entertaining and if you watch, I’ll bet you learn something. Slightly NSFW, btw.

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27 May 2011 ~ 12 Comments

The Future of STC

Tech Comm Summit 2011 logo

Last week, I spent several days surrounded by hundreds of technical communicators. We shared war stories, told inside jokes, complained about the past, and learned as much from each other than we did from the incredible sessions that were going on around us. We were at the annual Technical Communication Summit put on by the Society for Technical Communication, and for many of us, this was the only time we ever get to hang out with our peers.

As I sit thinking about the Summit and what I learned, I can’t help but think about the future of the STC and the direction I feel it is going.

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24 May 2011 ~ 6 Comments

Don’t Suck at Social Media

Here is the video from my Lightning Talk at The STC Summit in Sacramento, CA.

STC 2011 Summit Lightning Talk from Rhyne Armstrong on Vimeo.

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